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Orthopedic Surgeons in Brandon

Our orthopedic surgeons in Brandon offer a variety of services for our patients.

Complete Orthopedic Examinations.

Seeing one of our orthopedic surgeons in Brandon is the safest and quickest way to diagnose orthopedic problems.

You can be active without pain. All it takes is a visit with an experienced orthopedic surgeons from Brandon Orthopedic Associates. Our physicians and physician assistants provide the personalized attention you expect and deserve and the positive outcomes you need to get back to an active lifestyle.

We provide all of the services below as well as many others. We also perform second opinion examinations for your peace of mind. Make a move in the right direction for your medical care. Request an appointment today.

Medical and surgical treatments

Bone, joint, and soft tissue problems can arise from many different conditions. We take great care to evaluate and alleviate your pain, manage medical problems, and help you feel as good as new. Some of the common medical and surgical treatments provided by Brandon Orthopedic Associates include:

  • Fracture Care
  • Casting and Splinting
  • Surgical Repair
  • Orthopedic Treatments
  • Cortisone Injections
  • In-Office Ultrasound Imaging
  • Joint Lubricant Injections
  • Medication Prescriptions and Refills
  • Physical Therapy Referrals
  • Ultrasound Guided Injections

In-Office X-Rays

Our office is equipped with modern, digital x-ray facilities and staffed by licensed x-ray technicians. Before your x-rays are taken, please inform the technician if there is any chance you may be pregnant. Any x-rays taken at our office are a part of your medical record and the property of Brandon Orthopedic Associates. We can provide digital copies of your films.

Medical Supplies

For your convenience, Florida Bracing Centers, a separate company, provides many orthopedic medical supplies (such as splints, braces, Ace wraps, and crutches) to our patients in the office. Please note that Medicare and some health plans do not cover the cost of some supplies, and payment for these items is therefore required when they are received. Sometimes we must refer you to a preferred provider in order for your insurance plan to cover the cost of the supplies. Please contact our office for more information.