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Hip Arthritis

For thousands of younger, more active patients with hip pain, the Hip resurfacing has restored them to their active lives while allowing them to keep more of their original bone. Hip resurfacing is a different approach to treatment of hip pathology. It’s a technology that replaces the worn surfaces of the hip joint with caps of high carbide cobalt chrome.

Whether your passion is sports, work or family activities, arthritis hip pain shouldn’t stop you.

The Birmingham Hip

The BIRMINGHAM HIP* Resurfacing System procedure conserves more natural bone than traditional hip replacement. For eligible active patients, HIP Resurfacing System can end the hip pain of arthritis and degenerative hip disease and help restore you to an active lifestyle.

BIRMINGHAM HIP Resurfacing System has the longest clinical history of any resurfacing device in the world.

With the metal on metal joint, you avoid problems that are related to polyethylene (plastic) wear. These polyethylene wear problems can lead to premature loosening of the hip replacement implant, and result in additional hip replacement surgery.

The high-carbide grade of cobalt-chrome metal used in the BHR is the same grade of metal that has been used in hip replacements from the sixties and seventies that have shown very low wear over that time period. The Hip Resurfacing caps fit over the reshaped head of the femur retaining bone that is valuable to many younger or more active patients.

The BIRMINGHAM HIP Resurfacing System has the longest clinical history of current resurfacing devices, with more experience and more medical support data worldwide than any other hip resurfacing product. This track record is longer than nearly all currently available metal-on-metal total hips as well.

The Hip Resurfacing restores the hip joint’s functional motion, freeing you to return to your normal active life. Drs. Okun and Maddalon have completed extensive training in hip resurfacing and are currently evaluating and treating appropriate patients with the BIRMINGHAM HIP Resurfacing procedure.