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Falls and Hip Fractures

Falls cause most of the hip fractures in the United States.

Hip fractures are a very serious problem. One quarter of people who break a hip die within the next year. One half are permanently crippled, and only one quarter make a full recovery.

According to our doctors, you can reduce the risk falling by removing things from your home that may cause you to trip. This would include heavy shag carpet, throw rugs, stacks of magazines or papers, and anything that clutters your rooms or hallways. You might be able to arrange for someone to come to your home to recommend changes to reduce your risk of a fall.

You can reduce the chance that a fall will be permanently disabling with weight training and exercise.

Exercise, and especially weight training, strengthen bones and is appropriate for people of all ages. It is particularly helpful for the elderly.

A consultation with an orthopedic doctor is the fastest and safest way to diagnose a hip fracture from a fall. If you feel you are suffering from a broken hip or fractured hip, request an appointment today.