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Baseball Finger

With baseball, an ever-popular sport among children, injuries caused by the game are common. Baseball finger is an injury caused when a baseball hits the hand and bends the finger down toward the palm of the hand. When the finger is bent beyond its normal range of motion, rupture of the tendon controlling movement of that finger can occur, sometimes with small bone chips breaking off as well.

Baseball finger is a painful injury.

If you suspect that you have injured your hand in a baseball accident you should stop play immediately and seek medical attention.

  • Ice should be applied immediately and the hand should be elevated.
  • Your doctor will likely need an X-ray of the injured hand to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Treatment of baseball finger involves immobilization of the affected finger for several weeks.
  • Surgery is usually only necessary if an open wound accompanies the injury.
  • Children need to be monitored carefully, as the injury can damage cartilage that is vital to bone growth.
  • The best treatment for baseball finger is prevention; use of an appropriate mitt at all times, supervision of young children while playing, and caution on the field can help minimize these injuries.

A consultation with an orthopedic surgeon is the fastest and safest way to diagnose baseball finger. If you feel you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, request and appointment today.