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Ant and Spider Bites

The following are common injuries and problems encountered in Florida. Most of these are more common during the hot summer months, but can be encountered at any time during the year. We provide these helpful prevention and treatments tips and as a service to visitors to and residents of Florida.

Spray nesting areas. Identify dangerous insects and educate children to stay away.

Apply cool compresses to affected area for 20 minutes. Mild analgesics for pain may be helpful. Benadryl by mouth and/or Calamine lotion on the skin may reduce itching. Caladryl is Calamine with Benadryl in it. As this can be absorbed through the skin, it is NOT appropriate over large areas for use on infants without M.D. supervision. Consult M.D. for proper pediatric doses when necessary.

For cases of rapid or severe swelling or persistent pain, seek medical attention immediately! If bite is Black Widow or Brown Recluse spider, KILL spider and bring it with you to closest hospital ER immediately.