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Adolescent Anterior Knee Pain

Adolescent anterior knee pain is common among young, active athletes, especially females. It is characterized by pain behind the knee cap, and usually occurs after an increase in activity intensity. Fortunately, this pain usually goes away without any surgical intervention. It is necessary to see your doctor in order to rule out other conditions that can cause knee pain.

If you have this condition, you may notice crackling or popping sounds coming from your knee when you are active after a prolonged period of inactivity, or when repeatedly flexing the knee. Your knee may become swollen and inflamed.

Treatment of Adolescent anterior knee pain

For treatment, ice is used to reduce the swelling and inflammation. You should stop doing the activities that brought on the pain. Non-steroidal pain medications, a knee brace, and rehabilitation programs are also often beneficial.

Prevention of adolescent anterior knee pain

In terms of prevention, stretching before workouts, eliminating painful exercises from your routine, and using proper equipment are usually recommended by your doctor.

A consultation with an orthopedic surgeon is the fastest and safest way to diagnose adolescent anterior knee pain. If you feel you are suffering from bursitis, request an appointment today.